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Date: September 18, 2023
By Ailén Pedrotti
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MOVEO: Future eMobility discussed at the Oviedo Congress and Exhibition Center

Nearly 300 professionals gathered in Oviedo on Thursday to analyze the challenges and opportunities arising from the transition to sustainable mobility and the use of renewable energy sources. It's no longer about the future, it's about the present.
Ángel García, the new President of the Spanish Association of Electric Vehicle Users (AUVE).
Ángel García, the new President of the Spanish Association of Electric Vehicle Users (AUVE).

MOVEO has finally arrived and from the early hours of Thursday morning in Asturias, the Oviedo Congress and Exhibition Center filled with electric mobility and sustainability.

This was the II Sustainable Mobility Exhibition of Oviedo, organized by the Association of Electric Vehicle Users (AUVE), in collaboration with the local City Council.

Under the theme “Economy and Sustainability: the Challenge of Electrifying the Future”, and for over 10 hours, business models and opportunities related to the electrification of the economy and, in particular, mobility, were discussed.

But not only that, topics such as the role of eMobility in the world, the social and tourist impact of this sector, and challenges related to infrastructure were also discussed in various panel discussions.

The day began with opening remarks from the organizers and representatives of the public sector.

Mario Arias Navia, Deputy Mayor, Councilor for Interior, Institutional Relations, and Citizen Services of the Oviedo City Council, was one of the first to speak:

“This year, we are here at this great conference with the expectation that the sector can continue to consolidate and grow“.

From the perspective of the local administration, he emphasized their belief in the advancement of electromobility and sustainable mobility models.

“We have already installed 80 fast-charging points for electric vehicles in urban and rural areas, and we are making a significant budgetary effort to convert our entire urban bus fleet”, he recalled at the beginning of MOVEO.

Ángel García, the new President of the Spanish Association of Electric Vehicle Users (AUVE), one of the main drivers of the event, also addressed the audience.

We are at a crucial moment, where the need to move away from fossil fuels has become imperative, not only to minimize emissions but also to ensure energy independence”.

In this context, the Association of Electric Vehicle Users plays an essential role in guiding and channeling the needs of citizens so that current technological innovations are truly beneficial and accessible to all.

In this regard, he emphasized:

“Focusing on Asturias, a land that many of us call home, we must embrace electrification as an opportunity to preserve our natural wealth and the greenery that characterizes and enchants both locals and visitors”.

On the other hand, Isaac Pola, Vice-Counselor of Industry and Just Transition, also participated in the opening of the “II Sustainable Mobility Exhibition of Oviedo” (MOVEO).

He highlighted that the Government of Asturias is not only working to promote decarbonization in the transport sector and sustainable mobility but also to promote the development of value chains related to electric vehicles.

Pola also mentioned that progress is being made in the objectives of deploying sustainable vehicles and creating a charging point network through the Moves 2 and 3 programs.

This has resulted in subsidies for approximately 700 vehicles and support for around 451 charging infrastructures with European funds from the MRR.

Adriano Mones Bayo, President of the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility (AEDIVE), also participated in the opening of MOVEO.

His speech focused on the possibilities for Asturias to lead the transition to electromobility at the national level.

His words highlighted the milestones achieved in the region, from having the company with the most road kilometers traveled, such as Alsa, to having companies of high complexity already established in the region for a long time.

“I think it’s easy to understand why Asturias is a reference point in the development of this country“.

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