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Date: March 8, 2024
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Omoda arrives with “ambitious” plans and aims to open 70 dealerships in Spain in 2024

With a focus on quality, safety, technology, and comfort, Omoda enters the Spanish market as a strong competitor. Here, Francesco Colonnese, Sales Director of the company, reveals all the news of the company to Mobility Portal España.
Francesco Colonnese, Sales Director of Omoda.
Francesco Colonnese, Sales Director of Omoda.

“We have very ambitious plans, high expectations, and an exceptional product,” anticipates Francesco Colonnese, Sales Director of Omoda, to Mobility Portal España.

During the “International Mobility Portal Summit,” the company representative unveiled the roadmap of the brand, which recently launched in the Spanish market on February 22.

The entry point for their cars will be the port of Barcelona, where they already received the first 700 vehicles at the end of January.

Distribution will take place from this port to official sales points throughout the country.

Sales will not be carried out through private importers but exclusively in official dealerships and after-sales points, providing coverage nationwide.

Francesco Colonnese, Sales Director of Omoda.

“Currently, we have more than 30 open dealerships, and we aim to reach between 60 and 70 by the end of the year,” confirms Colonnese.

The company’s goal is to offer customers a unique user experience, presenting the brand with an innovative showroom concept.

Additionally, they assure that they have carefully selected the best distributors in the country as key partners in their journey.

The Omoda E5, the company’s fully electric vehicle, will arrive between late April and early May.

This is the electric version of the Omoda 5, the model with which the Chinese brand made its debut in the Spanish market, the first to welcome the manufacturer in Europe.

This car will provide a power of 204 horsepower with a range of up to 450 kilometers (km).

It is capable of recovering from 10 per cent to 80 per cent of its battery in 28 minutes if charged at the maximum supported power.

Later, the arrival of a variant with a range of approximately 350 km is expected.

Omoda E5.

Omoda‘s strategy is clear: through its strong network, they aim to connect with customers by offering high-quality products, outstanding equipment, remarkable finishes, and innovative design at a highly competitive price.

They will also feature advanced technology, numerous functions, and elements that will please customers.

The brand has demonstrated high production quality, backed by the EuroNCAP five-star rating, the highest European safety recognition.

How does Omoda plan to overcome bias against foreign manufacturers?

Recently, various European countries have implemented measures to stimulate the local electric vehicle market.

A clear example is France, which excluded Chinese electrified cars from the Ecological Bonus.

In this scenario, Francesco Colonnese argues that the company does not perceive this situation as an obstacle but as an opportunity.

“We see the possibility of launching a new brand with a defined positioning, which will be very well-received by customers, as we will stand out by providing them with the best experience,” he affirms.

Not only that, but he also assures that Omoda represents an opportunity for the market, as the vehicles not only have a very high level of autonomy but also exceptional comfort.

In order to strengthen confidence in the European market, Chery, the group to which Omoda belongs, will continue to invest in innovation and development as one of its main priorities.

For this, the company has five innovation and development centers distributed globally.

One is located in Germany, “in order to adapt to the demands and preferences of European customers.”

With the aim of boosting sales in Spain, the company will support its customers during the transition, promoting incentives for the acquisition of electric vehicles, which they consider essential to support growth.

“Improving in terms of charging and adapting to the needs of our customers will be one of our priorities,” he emphasizes.

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