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Date: December 18, 2023
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Powerdot installs more than 150 Ekoenergetyka EV Charging Units across Europe

Ekoenergetyka is broadening its pan-European sales network to deliver equipment for CPOs and provide post-sales service, announcing major distribution agreements for Germany, the UK and the Nordics.
Powerdot installs Ekoenergetyka EV Charging Units

Ekoenergetyka, which manufactures its charging stations in Zielona Góra, Poland, has delivered 150 chargers to the Powerdot network.

The company is making a push into the market to supply CPOs, which service individual drivers, bulking up its offering of standardized solutions after building its business with customized infrastructure for public transit operators in cities such as Berlin and Paris.

“Thanks to our partnership with Powerdot, even more European drivers will get to know the convenience and reliability of Ekoenergetyka charging stations,” said Ekoenergetyka CEO and Co-Founder Bartosz Kubik.

“This is further confirmation of our strategy to focus on expanding our footprint in the CPO market,” he added.

Powerdot follows a Destination Charging business model, setting up partnerships with businesses including supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants.

The Portugal-based CPO offers more than 3,500 charging points in its home country, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain.

“We have found at Ekoenergetyka a reliable partner for the deployment of our charging infrastructure across Europe,” said João Seabra, Head of Central Operations at Powerdot.

“We share a quality-oriented approach and look forward to continuing working with Ekoenergtyka to accelerate sustainable mobility,” he adds.

Pan-European network

In addition to sales directly to CPOs, Ekoenergetyka is broadening and deepening its pan-European sales network to deliver equipment for charging point operators and provide post-sales service, announcing major distribution agreements for Germany, the UK and the Nordics over the past three months.

Ekoenergetyka will provide round-the-clock remote monitoring and repair services for the charging stations from its headquarters in Zielona Góra, western Poland.

The company’s advanced systems allow it to address almost 60% of malfunction reports remotely.

About Ekoenergetyka

Ekoenergetyka was founded in 2009, growing out of an academic research project by two friends from university.

Today, it is a leading producer of high-power charging stations for electric vehicles on the European market.

Ekoenergetyka has provided charging infrastructure for public transit operators in major European cities including Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg and Paris, and has 80% of its home market in Poland.

Backed by an investment from leading Central European private equity fund Enterprise Investors, the company is now expanding rapidly in the market to supply charging stations to CPOs, who provide services for individual drivers of electric vehicles.

About Powerdot

Powerdot was founded in 2018 to bring charging solutions to commercial and retail spaces.

With a turnkey solution, the company started offering a full range of services ranging from the installation, operation, and maintenance of charging stations at zero cost for its partners and with revenue sharing.

This unique value proposition has allowed the company to become one of the most significant CPOs in Portugal and to grow exponentially in other European markets, focusing its value proposition on complementing the retail experience.

In 2020, Powerdot began expanding in Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland.

Two years later, Antin Infrastructure Partners invested €150 million in Powerdot to accelerate its growth and expansion across Europe.

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