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Date: October 5, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini
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Saltoki expands its portfolio with DC charging solutions and photovoltaic ecosystems

During the MOVEO event, Saltoki Group, the company specialized in the distribution of materials for professional installers, shares with Mobility Portal Europe all the new additions that will be included in their 2024-2025 catalog.
Saltoki's building materials center in Getafe.
Saltoki's building materials center in Getafe.

Saltoki, the business group specialized in the distribution of materials for professional installers, is adding new direct current (DC) solutions to its 2024-2025 catalog.

Additionally, it is incorporating photovoltaic ecosystems where both electric vehicle charging solutions and photovoltaic inverters are part of a common system that allows users to monitor and optimize the energy of their installations.

Enrique Lopez Dominguez, Head of the Electric Mobility Division at the Saltoki Group, speaks exclusively with Mobility Portal Europe during the Sustainable Mobility Exhibition in Oviedo (MOVEO).

In this context, he asserts that they will strengthen their DC charging solutions as it represents “an important niche market for growth in the coming years and is also necessary to achieve the goals of deploying public charging infrastructure in Spain.”

The company has been committed to electric vehicle charging solutions for eight years, with a focus on distribution to professionals.

Currently, it has 82 points of sale nationwide, and 50% of them already have charging systems installed on their premises.

Saltoki retail outlet in Murcia.

They have 120 electrified parking spaces distributed throughout all Saltoki centers, with power ranging from 7.4 kilowatts to 22 kilowatts, and some even have 50 kW chargers.

Furthermore, the company is carrying out renovation projects in its centers, including the expansion of existing charging points and the construction of new infrastructure.

In this regard, they estimate that they could have 66 electrified parking lots installed by early 2024.

For example, their center located in the Vara de Quart industrial park in Valencia has 16 charging spaces with 22 kW, 18 with 7.4 kW, one with 50 kW, and 20 electrical outlets for electric bikes and scooters.

This facility is completely sustainable thanks to a photovoltaic installation that supplies 100% of the building’s power.

“We hope that in the next five or six months, we will have 80% of all our parking lots electrified, and in a short period, 100%,” details Lopez Dominguez.

The company’s facilities are accessible to both their employees and customers, and they are currently adapting their management software with the aim of making all their charging stations accessible to external users.

In the future, any individual who is not a Saltoki customer will be able to access the charging stations through the Electromaps app, using a payment system.

On the other hand, their customers will receive a keychain that will allow them to charge their vehicles for free at any company center.

“We are committed to electric mobility, not only as an additional service for our customers but also to promote sustainable mobility alternatives among our employees. That’s why we’ve decided to open access to the chargers for anyone who needs it, something we will start implementing very soon,” he emphasizes.

Saltoki offers tailor-made solutions

The Saltoki Group serves plumbing, air conditioning, heating, electrical, lighting, construction, and interior design companies. They offer a complete range of products and services tailored to each project and need.

“Even if the customer requests an electrical panel that is not in our catalog, our workshops are equipped to design custom solutions,” says Lopez.

He adds, “We always aim to provide technical and commercial advice to our customers.”

In this way, Saltoki’s service goes through four stages.

In the first stage, they assist their customers in planning and designing the installation.

Subsequently, they handle the supply of equipment through their logistics network and points of sale.

In the third phase, they provide support to the customer in the implementation and configuration of all equipment.

Finally, in case of any problems, they also offer after-sales assistance, which includes handling equipment warranties or resolving any issues related to installed products.

“We accompany the customer from minute zero,” he insists.

Their most recent project: A large logistics center in Zaragoza

Visit to Saltoki’s new logistics center construction site.

It is a facility that will have 150 loading docks, and it is expected that approximately 500 people will work there simultaneously.

“It will be a building dedicated to logistics purposes, designed with sustainability in mind, and will also have a very powerful charging infrastructure,” he explains.

The goal is for 90% of orders to be prepared in the new center in a fully automated manner.

The 164,000-square-meter space will start operating in the first half of 2024.

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