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Date: February 28, 2024
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Danish company Spirii has been acquired by Edenred and now aims to expand into Latin America and the United States

Spirii, a leading provider of EV charging platform solutions, announces its majority acquisition by Edenred, one of the world's largest providers of B2B digital payment and mobility solutions.

Spirii, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging platform solutions, announces its majority acquisition by Edenred, one of the world’s largest providers of B2B digital payment and mobility solutions.

The acquisition will accelerate electrification and decarbonization in the transportation sector and help Spirii explore untapped markets, accelerate its development in Europe, and expand its geographical footprint to Latin America and the United States.

“This acquisition is a testament to our hard work and successes and a major milestone in our ongoing quest to revolutionize the EV charging industry,” says Tore Harritshøj, CEO of Spirii.

He continues, “Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Spirii team, we have become a leading player in the industry across Europe. Now, with the backing of Edenred, we look forward to further strengthening our products and offerings, empowering our existing partners and users with enhanced capabilities, and accelerating our expansion across all market segments and continents.”

Additionally, Edenred will integrate Spirii’s innovative technologies and solutions, instantly unlocking enhanced value for a global customer base already transitioning to electric mobility.

With this acquisition, Edenred will realize its ambition to become the leading player in electric fleet payment solutions in both Europe and Latin America.

“We are excited to bolster our offering as we embark on this new journey alongside Spirii,” says Diane Coliche, Mobility COO of Edenred.

She continues, “With this acquisition, Edenred reinforces its commitment to leading innovative eMobility solutions and assisting its clients in their electrification transition. We look forward to collaborating with Spirii teams to reshape the mobility landscape.”

Spirii’s two founding partners, Tore Harritshøj and Torben Fog, will remain shareholders of Spirii and stay on the management team as CEO and CIO.

About Spirii

Founded in 2019, the company was created to enhance global electric mobility platform offerings and make EV charging seamless and accessible for all.

With an already impressive global partner portfolio, a presence in over 18 markets, and leading offerings in pricing, payments, and energy management services, Spirii has experienced massive growth over the past five years.

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