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Date: May 3, 2024
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VEGA Chargers will achieve 160 kW with its new charger: When will it be available on the Spanish market?

Innovation is already part of Vega Chargers' DNA, and their promises for their upcoming launch make this clear. Maintaining their design footprint, the Spanish company will provide a public charging solution with additional business opportunities for operators. Below are all the advancements.

In November 2023, the exclusive news of a new addition to VEGA Chargers‘ catalog arrived in the sector through Mobility Portal España.

A 160-kilowatt charger designed for public road charging is the novelty that the Spanish firm is working on.

With components from Huawei, their technological partner in this process, the high-power solution promises to feature the same design language but with an innovative component that sets it apart from the competition.

“We are working towards bringing this product to market in the last quarter of 2024,” confirms Olga Rybakova, Head of Sales and Marketing at VEGA Chargers, in an interview with this portal.

The current schedule indicates that the novelty will be unveiled towards the end of this year, followed by the commencement of orders and subsequently the first deliveries.

Olga Rybakova, Head of Sales and Marketing at VEGA Chargers.

What will be the target market?

According to Rybakova, the “ideal” customer profiles for eMobility will be operators of charging points focused on installations in public areas, parking lots, and highways.

Furthermore, they aim to facilitate compliance with AFIR regulations by incorporating all available payment options, providing a much simpler service to users.

And it’s worth noting that simplification won’t be the only key to this launch…

The model will maintain the same look as the current lineup, which is already quite recognizable in the market, as is the case with the 60-kilowatt Lander.

There will be a size increase, but efforts are being made to minimize its dimensions as much as possible.

We understand that the charger’s footprint is very important on public roads, so we would like to incorporate a larger screen to be able to display promotional videos and instructions,” comments the executive from Vega Chargers.

The addition of an HD display will provide better interaction with the user, and even the advertising videos will create a new business opportunity for owners.

VEGA Chargers and the 600 kW target

Another focus of the Spanish company is a direct current charger that promises to revolutionize electromobility.

High Power Charging Constellation, with an external power unit of 600 kW and dynamic balancing.

This is the High Power Charging Constellation, a product that will feature an external power unit of 600 kW with dynamic balancing.

It will dynamically supply power to different charging points, ensuring more efficient and faster charging.

The new charger model is primarily designed for electric filling stations, with roaming points.

According to the information provided, it is already available in the global market after its presentation at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February.

And that’s not all.

It is expected that the first two stations will be available in Spain by June, offering customers the opportunity to see firsthand how this cutting-edge technology works.

Interested parties can already start placing orders for this technology, as the company is seeking partnerships and finalizing agreements.

The value of the “national component” for VEGA Chargers

Since its inception in 2019, the company has been developing comprehensive software systems, which, together with its charging stations, become the “perfect accelerator for the adoption of electric vehicles.”

With its plant located in Barcelona, they highlight the value of local production and the opportunities it provides them.

Manufacturing in Spain is definitely a plus for us, as we can use local suppliers, reduce our carbon footprint in production, and at the same time, we can be much closer to our customers,” explains Rybakova.

A significant milestone for VEGA Chargers was the recent financing round of five million euros.

With the investment from ORBIS, backed by ENION PARTNERS and CDTI INNVIERTE, the financing in the Spanish firm has doubled.

All this is aimed at increasing production capacity and emphasizing internationalization.

But of course, the focus remains on consolidating its position as “one of the main players in the electromobility sector.”

Focus on internationalization

To date, the company holds a 55 per cent market share focused on the local level and plans to continue developing in this area.

However, this does not mean that their gaze is not also on the international market.

We are looking at new countries, not so much in Europe, but more globally,” the VEGA Chargers executive revealed to Mobility Portal España.

At present, they have distribution possibilities worldwide, with different levels of exports depending on the needs of each market.

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