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Date: November 22, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini
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Wherever SIM simplifies the connectivity of charging points, “even in rural areas”

According to Stefanie Ghadere, Sales Management Head for Wherever SIM in Spain, it is a single SIM card for all available networks.
Stefanie Ghadere, Sales Management Head for Wherever SIM.
Stefanie Ghadere, Sales Management Head for Wherever SIM.

Wherever SIM aims to enhance connectivity in charging infrastructure as it enters the Spanish market.

“We cover all mobile networks, ensuring that the SIM card allows the device to select the most powerful network, even in rural areas,” details Stefanie Ghadere, Sales Management Head for Spain, exclusively for Mobility Portal España.

This ensures that users “never experience connection issues in peripheral areas.”

The German-origin company offers Charging Point Operators (CPOs) a reliable backend connection for payment data and charging infrastructure availability, both nationally and internationally.

It enables secure data transmission for electromobility providers or charging point operators, along with remote access for monitoring stations.

All of this is facilitated through a single SIM card compatible with all networks worldwide.

“The premise is that we are a centralized provider worldwide. The cards are multi-operators and are free from mobile network selection: the SIM card does not prefer any particular network; it always chooses the network with the best coverage,” states Ghadere.

The SIM card serves as the core of the hardware. To provide a comprehensive package, they also collaborate with the technology company Teltonika.

Wherever SIM can provide SIM cards with fully pre-configured and ready-to-use routers.

These cover all mobile radio standards, including 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), LTE-M (Cat-M1), NB-IoT, as well as 5G.

Wherever SIM is compatible with all networks worldwide.

M2M SIM cards empower operators and providers to manage their infrastructures, track locations, monitor availability, and process payments online.

Wherever SIM is compatible with all networks worldwide. SIM management is straightforward, conducted through an online portal with real-time data, automatable through APIs.

It is not only useful for CPOs but also for those offering shared mobility services.

Its high commercial flexibility includes the option to acquire the product without any minimum contract period or forced activation.

“It is possible to deactivate or pause the service of the cards without appearing in the monthly billing,” she notes.

How does Wherever SIM establish itself in Spain?

About three years ago, the company began receiving requests in the Spanish market, leading them to focus more on the national territory.

At present, two people work exclusively in the country.

“Our goal is to transfer the know-how we acquired in the German market to the Spanish market,” she emphasizes.

According to Ghadere, their membership in the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility (AEDIVE) was “very helpful” in entering the Spanish market.

Over time, they managed to include large companies in their client portfolio, such as SEAT, Eranovum, and Irizar e-mobility.

Currently, wherever SIM is available with all mobile networks in Spain, including Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, and Yoigo.

Looking ahead, they plan to participate in the ISE 2024 fair, scheduled for the end of January in Barcelona, with the aim of further expanding in Spain.

How did Wherever SIM come into existence?

From two people to a team of around 30, that is how Wherever SIM is presented today, a company based in Hamburg, Germany.

Over the last seven years, the firm has experienced organic growth, accumulating solid experience in mobile networks.

To date, they have successfully implemented over 1,000 IoT projects worldwide.

The decision to focus exclusively on the development and improvement of SIM cards reflects their intention to advance in the emerging technology market, a constantly growing sector.

“Even though we were initially focused on the German market, we became aware of the increasing demand in neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Austria,” explains Ghadere.

Therefore, in the near future, they aspire to continue expanding into other markets, including Italy, France, Portugal, among others.

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