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Date: September 14, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini
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Woltio enters the Spanish market with “lifetime chargers”

Diego Castillo, Director of Versa Design, presents WOLTIO's mission and highlights the uniqueness of its chargers: the only ones on the market with a metal casing and a durability that extends for over a decade.
Diego Castillo, Director of Versa Design.
Diego Castillo, Director of Versa Design.

Woltio, the electric vehicle charger brand by Versa Design, made its debut at the Madrid Electric Vehicle Fair (VEM) for the first time.

Leveraging the prominent platform provided by this eMobility event, the company unveiled the latest updates to its three models of alternating current chargers.

One is three-phase (Woltio Plus), targeting businesses, and the other two are single-phase models (Woltio Select and Woltio Pro), aimed at individuals.

The company focuses on offering next-generation AC charging with up to 22 kW capacity, suitable for installation in homes, businesses, hotels, offices and more.

Woltio was born in response to the malfunction of numerous charging points, an issue that still persists.

“As an electric car user, it’s very frustrating to arrive at a charging point and find that it doesn’t work properly”, explained Diego Castillo, Director of Versa Design, to Mobility Portal Europe.

“Identifying this problem, we decided to improve what was available and create a reliable, straightforward and always operational charging point,” he added.

Woltio Pro is a single-phase charger offering a power output of 7.4 kW.
Woltio Pro is a single-phase charger offering a power output of 7.4 kW.

Currently, the company’s chargers are the only ones on the market with a metal body to extend the device’s durability.

For us, it’s important that users don’t have to replace the equipment every three or four years, but that it lasts and never breaks”, says Castillo.

The company currently offers power outputs ranging from 7.4 to 22 kW and chargers with integrated electrical protections from the factory.

This reduces installation costs for customers and streamlines the assembly process.

As a distinctive feature, Woltio’s chargers have the ability to reset the electric meter automatically and without moving parts.

If the home experiences excessive energy consumption, the electric meter stops and the charger disconnects.

Once the meter detects this disconnection, it automatically restores the supply.

“We are the only manufacturer who has managed to solve this problem without any moving parts”, says the director.

The products are compatible with all brands and models of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Updates on Woltio chargers and future plans

Throughout the charger’s lifespan, the company offers free updates that customers can configure via Bluetooth.

In areas with no coverage, users can download the new versions in advance and then use the Woltio App via Bluetooth to send them to the charging point.

Our charger is designed to be the last one you have to install. We aim to make it last indefinitely, between 10 and 20 years, without any issues,” he asserts.

The company, which has two factories located in Valencia and Barcelona, currently operates only in the national territory.

Therefore, they plan to start offering the product in other EU countries next year.

However, this depends on the regulations in each location.

As a result, the model they will launch before the end of the year will have “the same features, but with a female socket on the side, instead of the built-in cable, to offer it in the French market.”

In this moment, in Spain, there is a certification that allows manufacturers to self-certify.

Woltio disagrees with this approach and insists on the need to “raise the level of rigor.”

Therefore, their products have external certification conducted by a laboratory.

In this regard, Castillo emphasizes: “We are convinced that to do things properly, we must demonstrate it with a trusted third party.”

“We have chosen to subject our product to all tests and trials to ensure that we comply with all legal requirements”, he adds.

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