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Date: December 4, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

The Spanish V2C aims to “lead” the charging sector and strengthen its presence in the EU

V2C has transitioned from operating in two international markets to expanding to over 25 countries in the EU. Juan Mateu, Director of Communication and Marketing, reveals details about the range of chargers that support their success.
Juan Mateu, Director of Communication and Marketing at V2C.
Juan Mateu, Director of Communication and Marketing at V2C.

V2C, the Valencian company designing and manufacturing electric vehicle chargers since 2015, emphasizes its commitment to spearheading the eMobility transition.

In a conversation with Mobility Portal Group, Juan Mateu, Director of Communication and Marketing, provides details about the Trydan charger, a success story for the company.

“This charger has allowed us to grow significantly both nationally and internationally,” he asserts.

He adds, “Primarily because it distinguishes itself significantly from the chargers we knew before by offering the most advanced integration in the market.”

It is the first equipment in the sector to have integrated electrical protections, reducing installation times and costs.

This model features an exclusive avant-garde design that combines elegance and functionality, enabling hyperconnectivity and maximum efficiency.

Trydan incorporates a photovoltaic integration system, allowing it to maximize the performance of solar panels and establish a direct connection with all solar inverters.

Trydan, V2C’s flagship charger.

Moreover, it offers the possibility of a wireless connection with solar inverters such as GoodWe, Fronius, Huawei, and Ingeteam, as well as with meters Shelly and Wibeee.

Not only that, but it also has the option of giving commands to the charger through “Alexa.”

“In this way, we aim to lead the transition to clean energy through the implementation of intelligent chargers,” Mateu emphasizes.

This adds to the proposal of a local product supported by outstanding and personalized after-sales service and customer support.

Thanks to the features offered by this flagship model and the rest of V2C’s charger range, numerous companies in the sector choose their products.

Among them, Saltoki stands out, with whom they have established a strategic alliance for the exclusive distribution of their entire charger line.

This partnership adds to the one-million-euro investment round that the Valencian company closed last year, aimed at significantly expanding its production capacity and improving and expanding its facilities to meet all sales demands.

“We have multiplied production capacity by seven in the last two years and continue with the ambition to keep growing,” the CMO notes.

They have also expanded from operating in two international markets to more than 25 countries, with a presence in countries like Romania, France, and Portugal.

Their next goal is to strengthen their presence in the Italian market, thus reinforcing V2C’s presence in the European Union and contributing to its growth.

This includes supporting the transition to electric mobility in these territories, actively contributing to the promotion and development of more sustainable practices.

Which models are added to V2C’s offering?

Pole Pro, for high-demand situations.

V2C presents a variety of intelligent charger models to address both home charging with products like Trydan and public spaces and shopping centers with Pole Pro and Screen.

The first stands out for integrating state-of-the-art technology to provide intelligent and equitable charging in high-demand situations.

With options for floor or wall versions, one or two sockets, and one or two hoses, this model intelligently manages the charging of multiple e-Chargers from the cloud.

Thus, it optimizes energy efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures the best connectivity in demanding environments.

Its compact control panel and integrated access point facilitate installation, even in places without internet access.

Screen, the only one with integrated advertising.

Furthermore, with Ethernet connection and the new integrated 4G, it ensures safe and uninterrupted charging.

In parallel, the Screen charger is the first and only e-Charger with integrated advertising.

Equipped with a 43-inch screen, it allows users to view charging time and energy consumption while playing advertising content.

This model has the ability to simultaneously charge two electric vehicles with a power of up to 22 kW per socket.

It stands out for its anti-vandal resistance thanks to its construction in high-strength steel.

The fourth e-charger offered by V2C is EV Portable, a lightweight, compact, and easily transportable model due to its small dimensions.

EV Portable, ideal for transportation.

With a maximum charging speed of 22 kW, this equipment offers a versatile and convenient solution for charging electric cars anywhere.

Its compatibility with a variety of accessories and adapters facilitates its use.

In this context, Mateu insists, “We aspire to continue producing new intelligent eChargers at the forefront of electric mobility.”

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